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My husband and I are planning on visiting Washington, D.C. to do some sightseeing. We want to have some meals, see our favorite landmarks, and take a nice rest before heading out to see more. We’re looking for a hotel close to the airport, so we’re thinking that the Comfort Suites Arlington Hotel in Arlington, Virginia might be a good fit.

We’ve been to comfort suites before, but they’ve always been pretty basic. The room’s not really big. There’s just one bed, a small bathroom, and a tiny kitchen.

The Comfort Suites Arlington is an all-suites hotel that offers a few amenities. One of the biggest is the proximity to the Washington Monument, which houses a lot of people on the same day. This hotel also boasts a restaurant, a restaurant lounge, and a pool. The pool is pretty small, but that doesn’t deter us. We actually think the pool is pretty awesome in that it lets us get up and stretch out a bit without all that extra space.

Actually, the Comfort Suites Arlington actually has two pools. One is a small pool, but its not even close to being small, but we think it looks great. The other pool is really big, and is at ground level. We think its pretty awesome too because it actually offers sweeping views of the city, and is actually a lot warmer than the cold pool.

The reason we could tell that the Comfort Suites Arlington is a good place to go is because, like a lot of the other resorts, it has a great pool. We think its a cool pool, and we’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a place with pool and a nice, warm atmosphere.

We’re definitely going to book a room at the Comfort Suite Arlington in the near future. That’s because the Arlington is one of the few good hotels in town and you can’t get an arm’s length away from the casino. The Comfort Suites is more of a “one-room-at-a-time” type of place.

The Comfort Suite Arlington is located just down the street from the Wind Creek Casino, and at night can be a bit loud with the casino’s sounds coming from the adjacent strip. We prefer the Comfort Suite in Arlington because there is a nice pool, and even though the hotel is a little noisy early in the morning, you can hear the casino from the top of the tower.

The Comfort Suites location in nearby Wind Creek has a nice pool, and they also have an elevator. The hotel has a very friendly staff who take good care of you and your party of 4 to 5 people. We really enjoyed our stay at the Comfort Suites.

At the Comfort Suites you can relax in your suite and watch the pool, then choose to play slot machines, table games, or simply just hang out and relax. Or you can go to the restaurant, which is conveniently located on the lower level, and enjoy a nice meal. The hotel also has a nice bar with a pool and a great view of the adjacent strip.

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