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Paradise gaming events have been a staple of the New York City gaming community for the last 10+ years. Many of our events are free and open to the public, but we also offer regular events that are $15+ to $250 events and we have events at casinos all over New York. Our events can be found on our blog, facebook, twitter, and youtube.

While we’re at it, we also have a number of live events held at our casino, which you can find all over the city. We were excited to have the opportunity to host the first event of the New Year in the NY area, so we’ve got a special one for you.

Our latest event is paradise casino’s first event of 2015, which is a special event put on for the entire community. It’s a holiday party and we’re giving out free tickets to the casino crowd to attend. You can participate in several different ways, including attending a live event, playing in an online casino, or by simply watching on our livestream. There will also be a free drink giveaway with each ticket.

The event kicks off with a DJ spinning music, and there will be a free drink giveaway with each ticket to the event. The event ends with a DJ spinning music and the free drink giveaway ends. There will also be a free drink giveaway at the end of the event.

A few hours after the event ends, the free drink giveaway will kick in and people can buy drinks for the DJ. The DJ will play a mix of songs so people can get into the groove. People can also play slots and keep track of how many people they’ve played. There will also be a chance to win some cash.

The event will be held Friday, August 31st through Sunday, September 3rd. The free drink giveaway will be at the event (with free drinks at the end of the event). The DJ will also be playing songs for the free drink giveaway.

the free drink giveaway will happen at the event, but you can buy drinks for the DJ at the event. It’s just that the free drinks won’t be free.

The free drink giveaway is a freebie that will be handed out to the DJ. The DJ is getting a chance to play songs via a special promotion at the event. The DJ will also be getting free drink vouchers to use at the event.

The free drink giveaway will be held at the Paradise Casino in Manchester, NH. The event will be the first in its new lineup of events at the city-owned casino. According to reports, a special DJ will be bringing the free drinks to the event, allowing the DJ to play songs for free. The event will take place on Saturday, June 19th and Sunday, June 20th.


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