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I wanted to share with you about my personal experience with fireworks. The first time I actually experienced one I was in 5th grade. It was just after a rainstorm that left me in the middle of nowhere. I was in my pj’s and it was pouring rain. I was bored and was playing video games and this is what all the kids were doing. It was the rainy season and it was the first season where fireworks were allowed.

The main reason for fireworks as part of a school function was to scare the kids. If your goal was to scare them then you should probably have had a plan. A plan would have included a time and place to have the fireworks show up. They would have also included a plan for how to get home safely. For most of us, it was just a matter of getting out of the rain, holding the firework, and then running home.

We know that our goal is to scare people, but what did the school have in the way of a plan for getting home safely? They didn’t put the firework in the proper place, as the first night they only did the fireworks in school (which is where I was at the time). They didn’t check to see if there had been anyone at home, so they didn’t have a plan to check on anyone or get home safely.

The next day they decided to go back to school and make sure that people weren’t home. They went to their first class to make sure it was safe to do the fireworks in school again, and then they went back to the dorm, making sure everyone was home. The problem is that they left the fireworks unsupervised in the dorm. I’m guessing that this was what caused the “not safe to be home” incident that night.


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