this connecticut casino is one of the two largest in america.

We are living in a casino town! It’s a small world, people.

You know, I really wish I lived in a casino town.

I’ve always been an idiot, and I’ve always been a bit confused about where I am. In the past I’ve been a bit paranoid about the future, and I don’t really want to be like that.

We’re going to get to that in a minute. But first, let’s talk about the casino town. The only thing of note in this particular casino town is the casino, and the casino is one of the largest in america (although it’s not the second largest). I guess it’s because they got so much money so fast.

The casino is located in Norwalk, a suburb of New Haven that is also home to a great number of college towns, and a great number of colleges. It is actually a quite small town, and the only thing that makes it any different is the casino.

The casino town is comprised of two other towns, all of which are very cool places to visit. As you can imagine, the main town is called Norwalk which is a very nice little town which has a nice little church, a big bank, and the local pizza place. The second town is called Norwin which is very much like the first except they have the casino. It is also a very small town with less than a hundred people.

Norwin isn’t the only town with a casino, but it is the only one in America. All the towns surrounding the casino town are connected to each other so that if one town happens to be over-run by the casino, the others will still be able to function. In fact, Norwin is so connected to it that it doesn’t even exist as a separate town.

The town of Norwin is also the only one in which all the casinos are open at the same time. Even though it isnt possible to have more than one casino in town, each one is allowed to have as many employees as they want. This includes anyone who works in the casino. In fact, every other town is connected to Norwin as well so that if one town gets overrun by the casino, the others will still be able to function.

So what makes Norwin so special? It isnt. Theres nothing special about it. You have to go to Norwin even if you dont want to visit the casino. That doesnt make it special, and it isnt, and in fact you can just go to any casino in America and get in for free.

No, it doesnt just because you have to work for some reason.


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