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Today I am sharing a conversation I had with an old friend of mine who is now retired. We had been chatting for quite some time about her retirement plans and the many ways she wants to live her life.

I asked her what she wants to do. In one of the last sentences of her proposal, she said she wants to go to Vegas and play a casino in Vegas. It sounds like a big deal. She’s not interested in going to Vegas. She says she’d love to play a casino in Vegas.

So we made some progress, but I am still not sure what her plan is. In fact, I have no idea what her plan is. She just wants to go to Vegas and play a casino in Vegas, so when she gets there, she can do some shopping, maybe see a movie, and then go back to her life. She even wants to go to the casino and play a casino in Vegas.

I know that we have no idea where to go, but you know I would like to play a casino in Vegas and see a movie.

Well, that’s where we are. She’s just trying to find a way to get there. I’m not sure she has any idea where the casino is. I’m not sure she even knows what a casino is, but she’s going to go see a movie. I have no idea where the movie is, and I’m not sure she knows what a casino is either.

Valley Forge Casino is a big-time casino in Vegas, that has a reputation as one of the best in the country. The casino is located in the middle of Times Square. In the movie, we see the casino’s employees in their casino wear uniforms. In the game, you get to choose the color of the uniform. There are no rules, but things like, don’t walk funny. You might get arrested. And of course, you may get hurt.

Valley Forge Casino isn’t just a game, it’s a very large casino that has a reputation as being one of the best in the country. On the movie it is also one of the more violent casinos in the city, and even though the game is not violent, this is one of the worst examples of it.

With such a large casino, you’ll have to go see a real casino.

I’d like to see it in person. It’s a very bright, well lit casino, and the only way to see it is to see the actual casino floor. I’m sure they’d like to have their own set of rules, but I suspect that there is plenty of room for negotiation.

In some ways, it reminds me a little of the way poker operates at our house. But there is a lot more to casino gambling than just the games, and the real money is the slots.


Wow! I can't believe we finally got to meet in person. You probably remember me from class or an event, and that's why this profile is so interesting - it traces my journey from student-athlete at the University of California Davis into a successful entrepreneur with multiple ventures under her belt by age 25

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