Nifty Clock & Weather Widgets That Instantly Light Up Your Mobile Screen!

Widgets are pretty handy tools that are considered more useful than the average mobile app. Conventionally designed to provide optimal convenience to the digital user, widgets can easily be personalized by the user. Interestingly, they are more aesthetically pleasing in comparison to mobile apps. And are known for swifter functionality.

One of the most common widgets that are found on most smartphones is the clock and weather widgets. Considered essential for any modern internet-based device, these are usually the first widgets that are installed in every cell phone. In most cases, most weather and clock widgets are paired together but if you have one and not the other, then it is suggested to download a widget that you are comfortable with.

Let Widgets Make Your Home Screen Come Alive 

Widgets are not just tools of convenience, they instantly amp up the oomph factor of your home screen as well. After all, the home screen is one of the most viewed screens for they are the usual first thing one notices about a person’s phone. But more than that, nobody wants to log into a bland screen first thing in the morning!

What’s more, adding widgets to the main screen is quite simple for it involves the regular drag-and-drop method. However, many people, for instance, most seniors still struggle with such a task and are unable to bring a widget to the main screen.

Also, it is really up to the user how and where they want their widget to be placed. For instance, whether one wants to add a stand-alone app like a clock widget only or wants to adorn their screen with dual widgets like the clock and weather ones.

To place any widget on the main screen, just drag the widget icon from the drawer and place it wherever you like on the home screen. Unlike mobile apps, widgets can easily be resized the way one wants. But all a user has to do is adjust its placement and voila! You are done.

The Benefits of Widgets – Presenting Data in a Trouble-Free Manner

Any average user may confuse apps with widgets but a tech-savvy person knows that there is a world of difference between the two digital tools. One is that relevant info is quickly presented to users within seconds. For instance, a clock + weather widget will not just inform you about the time and weather conditions in your current location. But it can/will also tell time and predict weather conditions of other corresponding cities as well!

Take another example, many widgets come with the option to display current times of other cities or countries, so users never have to google weather conditions or current times of other locations around the world.

However, before downloading any widget, it is important to note that the internet situation in every American household is unique and incomparable. That’s why it’s crucial to select tools that are not affected when you are having a bad internet day. However, many top-ranking providers like AT&T, Xfinity, or Mediacom, ensure that you are facilitated completely. Whether it is through a diverse range of AT&T Internet packages or its meticulous customer support, the internet does play a major factor in the proper functioning of your digital tools like apps and widgets.

Our Top Favorites – Download These Clock & Weather Widgets Right Away!

Check out these top favorites:


This widget is quite popular and falls under the same meteorological brand that specializes in digital weather forecasts and regular updates. What’s more, the AccuWeather widget doesn’t just show the current weather in your city but also displays time and date along with present temperature, latest weather news, and current climate conditions to the user. Even though there is a limit to which the widget can be resized its user-friendly interface and interactive display are the factors that make it easily one of the most downloaded widgets on the store!


Although the name of this widget is misleading but don’t be fooled! This widget displays both the present weather condition where a user is located along with the date and time. Moreover, the widget regularly updates the user with the latest info on different weather conditions. Like the level of the humidity in the area or a rough estimate of rain should the user expects in their area.

But that’s not all. The weather widget also allows users to customize the appearance and the way it adapts to fit the mobile screen accordingly. Besides additional options make this a user favorite for options like altering transparency and opacity levels are also present, which can also be used to their benefit. Lastly, users can also share their current weather forecast with friends and family, including the various popular social networks. Go, check it out!

The Sense Flip Widget – Clock & Weather

This is another cool entry on the list. The widget is simply fantastic for it installs both a digital clock and weather forecast on the home screen. Furthermore, it also gives detailed info on different weather conditions like humidity, sunrise, and sunset, snow, smoke, fog, etc. to the user. However, besides the weather factor, the widget can also be customized as one likes, for additional options like theme or font selection make it terrific to use!

Wrapping Up

Even though most clock + weather widgets are pre-installed. But if a smart gadget doesn’t have this widget, which is rarely the case, then it can easily be downloaded separately as well. Users are generally advised to always upgrade pre-integrated system widgets and apps before using them. Although many clock + weather widgets come with a simple layout, they are, as their name suggests just literally that, a clock + weather widget. Nothing more and nothing less. Download now and light up your mobile screen!

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