5 Reasons to Partner with a Managed Service Provider in 2023

Businesses can leverage technology in a much more effective way with the help of a professional managed IT service provider.

Nowadays, businesses do not have to do everything by themselves. In fact, it can be quite beneficial to receive the help of a professional partner – particularly when it comes to areas of the business that an organisation is less knowledgeable about. A prime example of this is with many businesses outsourcing their technology management to a managed service provider. We discussed this with a London-based MSP, TechQuarters. Their work spans from providing customers with Microsoft Office 365 solutions, to taking over their IT support needs from in-house departments. We asked them about managed services, and what it can do for businesses, and the following is based on what they said.

What Are Managed Services?

With technology being embedded in businesses in a lot of ways, it has become increasingly important for organisations to manage their technology in the most efficient and effective way possible. This doesn’t just mean having IT support in place – it means being able to monitor the performance and effectiveness of technology, too; and also knowing what to replace, when to replace it, and what to replace it with. All of these things (and many more, too) are part of the job of a managed service provider. For example, TechQuarters provides IT support Law Firms rely on daily, but they also help them with things like security, or new technology installations – in this way, their work extends far beyond IT support. So, what are the top ways that managed services can help businesses?

1. Access Specialist IT Expertise

As we mentioned before, managed services encompasses a diverse array of technology services. Businesses that work with an MSP (managed service provider) are able to access the expertise of IT specialists. As managed services is designed so that businesses can outsource their tech responsibilities, it is in the best interest of providers to be able to have all the expertise their clients might need – this might include cloud migration knowledge, or cybersecurity, or even expertise around specific solutions like Microsoft.

2. More Comprehensive IT Support

Although IT support isn’t the be-all, end-all of managed services, it is true that support is a big part of the average business’ IT strategy. Organisations working with MSPs can expect a much more comprehensive class of IT support that normal. For example, MSPs usually offer 24/7 access to support for clients. As an example, TechQuarters’ approach to providing IT support for architecture firms is highly proactive – they seek to detect IT issues as soon as they arise, and even try to resolve them before it affects the client.

3. Scale Your IT Strategy More Easily

Managed service providers can help clients modernize their IT strategies to make them more flexible, and more scalable. For instance, TechQuarters have helped many businesses migrate to the cloud with Microsoft products (such as Microsoft 365 and Azure) – this has meant they no longer rely on servers, or other on-premise hardware, which makes them more able to scale their operations up or down. Furthermore, if a business needs more from an MSP, all they need to do is renegotiate it in their contract – no need for hiring and training more staff.

4. Focus On Your Core Business Goals

Perhaps the biggest reason why many businesses choose managed services, is because it takes away the need for them to worry about their technology – they know that it is being looked after, which means they can spend that time elsewhere in the business. Even though technology is a big part of modern businesses, not all organisations are well-verse in the latest tech trends and requirements, and would much rather focus on their core business objectives – managed services enables that for them.

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